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Security Review

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How is a Security Review conducted?

One of the essential steps in ensuring the security of your business is by conducting an IT security review regularly.

First and foremost, our team of experts will start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current security posture. This includes evaluating factors such as your network security, device management, IT policies, and more. By getting a complete picture of your current security measures, we can identify gaps and vulnerabilities that could be putting your business at risk.

Next, we'll work closely with you to recommend actions and provide guidance for remedying any identified weaknesses. This could involve upgrading systems, implementing new policies and procedures, or training your employees on security best practices. Whatever recommendations we provide, we'll ensure they're tailored to your business needs and goals and budget.

As part of the IT security review process, we would recommend thorough testing to identify potential vulnerabilities. This can include penetration testing, which involves simulating an attack to see how well your security measures hold up which we can offer through one of our trusted partners. We'll then use the results of these tests to inform our recommendations and further strengthen your security posture.

Security Report

Finally, we'll provide clear and concise feedback in a report that outlines the results of the IT security review and the actions recommended.


Our team will also be available for follow-up support and guidance as you make changes and upgrades to your security.

At Causeway IT, we believe that conducting an IT security review is one of the most crucial steps in securing your business. Our approach is grounded in our extensive knowledge and experience, but we ensure that we never use complex jargon that could make things confusing. After all, we're here to help you make the best decisions for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and schedule an IT security review to ensure that your business is secure and protected from cyber attacks. We've got your back every step of the way!

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