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IT Security Solutions

Technology is so prevalent in our day-to-day lives; it is firmly entrenched into everything we do. In business this is no different and with the level of technology growing daily, so too does the risk to business from security threats. Failure to keep your business secure could mean the difference between your business thriving and failing.

At Causeway IT we know the difficulties SME's, microbusinesses and non-profit/charitable organisations face when it comes to managing their own IT and security.

We are familiar with standards such as Cyber Essentials, GDPR, and  ISO 27001 and can get you started on the right path to help your business achieve them.


We can provide the expertise you need to make sure your business is up to date and secure, at an affordable price, and we even offer a free 30 minute consultation to audit your IT security to get you started on making your business more secure.

Save more money with our combined Security, Password and VPN package *

Get 10% Off

* Minimum of 2 users required, monthly payment with 1 year subscription.

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