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Password Security

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Password Security

These days you need logins and passwords for everything, for security, passwords have a minimum number of characters, including numbers and symbols, and unique between websites. 

Did you know the average user has 240 online accounts requiring passwords.

So what are you logically supposed to do? It is very hard, if not impossible to remember all the passwords you need to know.

Do you do any of the following? 

  • Use the same password for multiple sites?

  • Record the passwords in a spreadsheet? 

  • Keep passwords on post-its by your computer?

  • Save the password in your browser?

All of these make your passwords vulnerable, but we have a solution to keep your business protected.

Password Managers keep passwords safe, save users time and use strong levels of encryption to protect the passwords, so users only have to remember one Master Password.

We have partnered with Dashlane to offer the best rated Password Manager to our customers, which also comes with protection for your employees personal accounts, and private VPN.

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