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Malwarebytes is a leading Security Software solution which works to protect your Business devices, and is only available for businesses through partners such as ourselves.

It focuses on detecting and investigating suspicious activities (or any traces of) on your devices and will quarantine anything until an administrator (either yourselves or us) can assess.

Malwarebytes comes with real-time notification about threats, exploits, and blocked sites and works behind the scenes so it doesn’t affect the device performance or inconvenience users during scans. Wherever your devices are with Malwarebytes we will help to keep those devices protected, monitored and updated remotely.


By protecting your devices, you ensure that they remain up and running when you need them the most. It will also help to increase customer confidence in your business.

Malwarebytes Partner


Our partnership with Malwarebytes allows us to offer you their range of business products at reduced prices. 

Device Protection

  • Known as Endpoint Protection

  • Antivirus Software

  • Finds and blocks threats before devices are infected.

  • Uses AI to eliminate false positives and provide accurate results.

  • Single Dashboard with easy-to-use interface.

Device Detection and Response

  • Known as Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Detection and protection against ransomware, malware, trojans, rootkits, backdoors, viruses, brute force and "zero-day" unknown threats.

  • Non-disruptive

  • Intuitive Cloud management console

  • Collects detailed threat information for analysis and investigation

  • Remote worker optimisation

  • No performance impact

Managed Detection and Response

  • Threat detection and remediation services with 24/7 monitoring and investigations.

  • Monitors and triages threats on your behalf

  • Threat hunting across customer sites, reducing dwell time and potential impact of hidden threats.

  • Skilled Security Experts.

Additional Options

These add-ons can be added to your packages.

Mobile Security

including Chromebooks, Android, iOS and iPadOS devices
  • Protection for Mobile Devices

  • Prevent accidental access to harmful sites.

  • Safeguard against malicious apps.

  • Block unwanted ads.

  • Block malware.

Vulnerability Assessment module

  • Proactive protection.

  • Helps businesses understand risks, identify vulnerabilities and prioritise action.

  • Helps Ensure defences are up to date across devices and servers and third-party applications.

Patch Management module

  • Proactive protection.

  • Allows patches and updates to be deployed or scheduled remotely. 

  • Saves IT time.

DNS Filtering

  • Filters and blocks access to websites including gambling, adult content and suspicious web domains.

  • Blocks threats from infiltrating browsers and web-based apps.

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